It’s been a long time since that cheerful, fun Easter post.  I think most people who read this blog know that we had a horrific spring in weeks that followed Easter.  We lost a friend and a co-worker  in an attack on a hospital in Kabul.  I lost a beautiful young friend to cancer two weeks after the attack.  Our visa and long term plans for staying in Afghanistan were suddenly in question and Mr. Incredible and I had to rapidly change gears to a different work focus.  The Afghan presidential elections was moved to the weekend we wanted to leave for our summer break so we had to leave the country much sooner then we had planned to beat the shut down of airports and roads, which meant we had to speed up the school year, packing and saying goodbyes for the summer.  The grief, stress and exhaustion were overwhelming.

You can Google the attack on CURE hospital if you want details and you should definitely watch this clip of Dr. Jerry’s wife, Jan and her grace-filled response to the news.  God knows, should I ever be in her place, that is the response I’d want to have.

After leaving Afghanistan in June we took a couple weeks in Turkey for debriefing and deep healing prayer.  We’ve been back in Colorado for a month now and I feel like I can look around and not be overwhelmed with culture shock, sadness or feel my heart rate raise if I think about going back.  On the advice of some very wise friends and counselors, we are taking a much longer break then we had originally planned.  There is now time and space to process, to breathe deeply and to just relax and enjoy life.

I’d like to focus on being grateful, finding joy and adventure in life again.

Like hiking in the San Juan mountains and watching Mr. Incredible and Dash edge their way to waterfall.


IMG_0398And watching Violet and her Grandma spend time together in the kitchen (and check out how happy Jack Jack is with the results)


Enjoying fireworks in the tiny mountain town Mr. Incredible’s family is from.  Jack Jack promptly fell asleep right after they started.  Obviously pie is more exciting.


And finding laughter and comfort in good friends (a longer post on this sweet girl coming up)


I think some of the healing process for me is wanting to come back to this blog, to tell stories again and share more of what’s in my heart.  Thanks for hanging around with me.