How in the world did we go from this:

dont bother me cmp

To this?


We are in the words of Mr. Incredible “gobsmacked” that our sweet baby is a big ole five year old.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was rolling around our floor?  Didn’t we just moments ago, wonder if he would say more then a few baby words?  Milestones that seemed to come so slowly are now a blur.

Who is this big kid who asks for help to make his bed after seeing Violet and Dash do it every day?  When did he learn to set the table without being asked, to get the iPad down and call Grandpa and Grandma with no help (or permission) from mom?

Five is a big kid number and we had a great day celebrating with our small expat (foreigner) community here in Windy City.

My not-quite Pintrest level Elmo cake

My not-quite Pintrest level Elmo cake

Didn't matter.  Birthday boy was thrilled with his "Me-mo" cake

Didn’t matter. Birthday boy was thrilled with his “Me-mo” cake. And ate it up in the manner of Cookie Monster.


There was face-painting (thanks Auntie Maz in Australia. We saved the face paint just for this special occasion and in your honor were as silly as we could be.  xoxo)


He wanted to be a snake.



Presents from all his aunties and uncles here as well as special packages from family that I’ve been hiding for weeks.


We even got the “big” pool out and that really made it a party

Happy Birthday Jack Jack.  You are our ray of sunshine and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.