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We were winding down our evening last night.  Jack Jack was the last kid to run through the shower and Violet was getting ready to Skype with her best friend in America.  And as happens about once a week, the electricity went out with no warning.

We are new enough still that it was exciting for the kids to be plunged into darkness.  Less exciting for Mr. Incredible, who finished trimming finger nails by the romantic light of the lap top and candles and much less exciting for me, who had to rinse out a diaper while trying to keep my headlamp from slipping off my forehead.  Mr. I took a picture of that, but I don’t think that’s anything anybody else needs to see.



When Mr. Incredible and I first came to Afghanistan, ten years ago, the electricity was out most nights.  Our team of 20 something year olds had many a hilarious evening making shadow puppets on the walls while we waited in vain for the night to cool off enough to go to sleep.  When there is no computer, TV or enough light to read by, it’s amazing what you can come up with to keep yourselves entertained.

We were delighted to see our kids carry on the tradition.1-IMG_5734 1-IMG_5741

Today the electricity has been off for about nine hours.  Mostly, it’s okay.  We heated water on the stove to wash dishes and my house helper and I had time to visit as there was no way to do laundry or ironing.  The kids had a language lesson, but by mid-afternoon the heat was really uncomfortable and we all sprawled out on the floor for naps.  We read books with real pages, as I was conserving battery power on the phones and iPad and made no-bake cookies.  I struggled with the heat, but didn’t get overwhelmed with it, which makes me think I might actually be adjusting.  Woohoo.

The power came on just a few minutes ago.  The kids are watching a movie and I’m sitting directly under the swamp cooler with Facebook and my Kindle.

So, maybe, not quite as adjusted as I’d thought.