Life at Grandpa and Grandma’s house has been pretty sweet for one out of three of the kids.  I want to write more on Dash’s and Violet’s very different reaction to moving later.  But today …

Jack Jack could not be happier to have all of his favorite people under one roof.  If we could get Auntie to send down baby Kyle from Alaska, his life would be complete.  Grandpa can’t take a step without him as a small shadow.  Grandma can’t cook without him following her around with the step stool demanding “I SEE!” and the cats, who up till now had enjoyed a largely child free existence, now come sneaking out after bed time looking shell shocked.

My parents have a house and yard made for children.  An acre of grass and trees, a fort built up high above the ground, a trampoline and, favorite of all, a geriatric horse that was my sisters’ back when we were teenagers.

Here horse! Eat!

Here horse! Eat!

Since moving here, Jack Jack’s two word sentences have greatly expanded.  We hear a lot of “Papa’s tractor!” “Horse, eat!” “Papa’s twuck!” “Horse, hay!”… you get the idea.

He goes out every morning and helps feed the horse and then spends much of the day hanging out by the haystack sneaking her armfuls of hay when he thinks we aren’t watching.  He is finding the “no playing with the pitchfork” rule very hard to live with.


He marches around confidently with a bucket and shovel, piles sticks up, hauls logs around and tries to get Grandma’s jeep to start.  He fancies himself a true horse whisperer.


And nobody is going to tell him different.