Westley: Who are you? Are we enemies? Where’s Buttercup?
Inigo Montoya: Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

The Princess Bride

Far too much has happened in the weeks since I last updated this poor neglected blog and, frankly, I don’t have the emotional reserves to revisit it all over again, so we shall, like Inigo Montoya, sum up.

  • We moved out of our house and in with my parents for our final six weeks in America.  There are some definite advantages my kids have in living with grandma and grandpa.  According to Dash, he’s quite happy that there are less chores and breakfasts are waaayy better.  Apparently Grandma will make pancakes any ole time she’s asked. 
  • Moving out of this house, which is the longest place I’ve ever lived since being married, has very much been like saying goodbye to a beloved family member.  Violet and I sobbed big buckets of tears when we went through the empty rooms to say goodbye.  As we wept, Dash piped up and said, “remember when Mom shook up that sauce that had Sprite in it and it exploded all over her face and the walls?”  So always bring a six year old boy to break the tension.
  • Mr. Incredible and I went to Arizona a few days after moving.  He was preaching at a church and they invited me to come along.  We had a few meetings in Phoenix as well and Mr. I surprised me with a night at a lovely resort in Scottsdale and an entire day on Monday to just hang out and be together.  Scottsdale is all kinds of ritzy, and the Fashion Square Mall is far out side our price range, but the Good Will near our hotel, now that was some good shopping!
  • It was between 87 and 91 degrees in Arizona.  It was 28 degrees and had been snowing for 24 hours when we got off the plane in Colorado.  I’m pretty sure I cracked.

My feet in Arizona

My feet in Arizona

My feet in Colorado.  Sigh.

My feet in Colorado. Sigh.


  • Jack Jack has been getting Speech Therapy twice a week since his ear tubes were put in and that kid is.talking.  A whole lot of new words, mimicking and phrases are pouring out of him.  He adores all the animals at my parents’ house and helps Grandpa feed the horse every day.  He was very put out with his father this morning, for being told that the pitch fork was off limits to play with.  He fancies himself a true farmer.
  • Violet and Dash saw the Princess Bride for the first time and then a couple weeks later we went hiking in Dominguez Canyon.  As Violet splashed around in the muddy creek, Mr. Incredible called, “look out — shrieking eels!”  She was like one of those cartoon characters trying to get out of the water, legs churning, but unable to get an traction.  She was not amused.  The rest of us were.
Enjoying the water, before the shrieking eels comment

Enjoying the water, before the shrieking eels comment

  • Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Boston.  We know what its like to be in lock down, to hear gun fire and explosions around you and wonder what the hell has gone wrong with the world.  My friend, Thomas, posted a response from a friend of his in India. Take a moment to read it here and be encouraged.

That covers the highlights of the past few weeks.  Now that things have settled down for us, I’ll be blogging more regularly and have time for coffees and hanging out.  So, let’s make a date for that, okay?  And tell me your favorite Princess Bride quote.