Violet, a girl who thinks A plus B equals SQUIRREL! Oh, a really cute squirrel and we could make it our pet and dress it up and now I will draw its portrait.


Dash, a boy who KNOWS A plus B equals C and here are all the reasons why and six other things that A and B can do.

Violet (consoling Dash on not being able to organize his Legos right away): It’s okay you know.  You could use interesting pieces to build new things. You could use your IMAGINATION!  I will help you. It will be great and fun…

Dash (with tears of anger and frustration in his voice):  We have to follow the book.

Violet: blank look of zero understanding

Dash: You have to follow the directions! Or it’s not right!  You can’t just make up stuff however you want to.

Today we started sorting and putting toys in each kids’ carry on case.  Dash had his sorted and organized in half an hour with a reason for everything.

Dash: I am taking this monster truck because Robbie gave it to me, so it is special.  I will not take this monster truck because they both will not fit.  I will pack smaller dinosaurs so I have room for more match box cars.

Done and done.

Violet: actually, there hasn’t been a conversation with her yet about packing because she’s spent the entire afternoon picking up her room and singing and twirling around and exclaiming over lots of treasures she found under her bed.


IMG_0914They don’t hold hands any more and they have completely different ways of viewing the world.  But neither of them goes very far without making sure the other is close behind.