My husband says we are all pretty aware already, but I put Jack Jack in his Mile High Down syndrome Association shirt anyways, by way of celebration.

Most states have their buddy walks in October (except Colorado, cause we are just as likely to get snow as sun) and it’s a great month to think about and celebrate all the things that make Jack Jack and his friends unique and fun, and to think about why our culture still devalues and ridicules people with mental disabilities.

Ann Coulter, I’m looking at you.

We are going to celebrate all things Jack Jack related this month.  If you have a question about Down syndrome, or a comment about Jack Jack, I’d love to hear it and include it in a blog post.

For now, I’ll leave you with the reason we are all aware.  How could you not celebrate this little guy and all the sunshine he’s brought us?

photo by Shera Witt Photography