I adore my iPhone.  It is my precisssousss and even more so with my favorite app, Instagram.  I enjoy taking photos, but don’t have any real technical skills beyond reading Pioneer Woman tutorials.  And then forgetting what I read.

But, thanks to Instagram and the fact that I get twitchy if my phone isn’t in my pocket, I’ve got some sweet summer memories to share.

We packed a lot into this summer from a fever racked trip to Redondo Beach, epic camping and climbing trips to canning and freezing local produce and lazy unstructured days at home, it was a great Colorado summer.

Santa Monica Pier, CA — those of us not shaking with fever took a ride

Jack Jack doing some exploring on our first hike of the summer

Quiet reading time — a stay at home mom’s summer sanity saving moment

a sweet moment at a friend’s birthday party

A boy and his melon

Violet fishing at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River

—  Home canned raspberry jam

Jack Jack’s first solo ride

Sweet corn, fresh from the farm and sweet little helpers

The trampoline at Grandma’s house — best babysitter ever

Summer evenings with Dad

Soaking up these views

School starts for the big kids in a week and Jack Jack and I will get down to the business of potty training and home schooling.  I’m ready for more of a routine and cooler fall days, but still holding on to the last days of summer.

What was your favorite summer memory this year?