Jack Jack’s understanding of the world around him is growing and blossoming in a delightful way.

He doesn’t learn facts as facts.  He connects what he’s learning with what and who he loves.

We worked on colors with play dough today.  I pointed at each lid and said the color and he mimicked me.  I wondered how much was sinking in.  I got to pink and he stopped me and put his hand over the lid. “Sister” he said. “Pink” I said.  “Sister, sister.”  And pointed to red “Dash, Elmo” and to yellow and smacked the lid enthusiastically, “Momma!”  I was so surprised.  I don’t think my other kids know what my favorite color is.

He does the same with most household items. He knows what they are called, but prefers to name the person they are associated with.  “Guitar, daddy!” and “Grawnpaw, truck” are heard shouted out multiple times a day.

I know he’ll learn his colors one day.  It’s how he knows his family that makes me so proud.

Photo: Favorite photo of the weekend http://instagr.am/p/N-AMEsgIxJ/