Our middle child, Dash sometimes feels the squeeze of his position in the household.  He isn’t the responsible older sibling, who is also the princess of the family.  He isn’t the youngest, cute little kid who everyone asks about at church and family gatherings and who takes up a lot of mom’s time.   He is the older brother and the younger brother, with rarely a chance to be just himself.

He is so so so stubborn.  When people feel the need to tell me that kids with Down syndrome have a reputation for being stubborn (and seriously, do I walk up to you and say your kid has a tendency toward white collar crime based on their behavior on the play ground? ) and I smile and say, “hmmm, have you met Dash?”  And this stubborn streak has hit full on this summer with mom and dad.  Everything we say, suggest and insist that he do is met with resistance, excuses and outright defiance.

Mr. Incredible saw an intervention was needed.  Too many frustrating days were starting to lead to a miserable summer.  So despite the thunderclouds building and the rain throughout the week, Mr Incredible packed up Speedy the Jeep and Dash and off they went for some father/son camping time.

Speedy the Jeep in all his glory

I was more than happy to sit this one out and Violet and I made plans to have our own mommy/daughter time being scared of bears of the more animated type, in Brave.

It was exactly what that boy needed.  They hung out in the tent while it rained and hiked up the mountain when it let up for a bit.  They slung all kinds of mud four-wheeling in the jeep and Dash insisted that Dad’s camp cooking was the best.

They had to eat dinner in Speedy because of the downpour outside and because mom said “no eating in the tent or the bears will eat you!”

They came back wet, muddy and smelly.

He came back happy.

And that right there is the difference between a mommy date and a daddy date!