I have a bunch of thoughtful, insightful readers and friends.  You all came up with some great questions about Afghanistan and I’m looking forward to doing several posts to answer them.

However, it is a long weekend, a certain dead zone in the blogosphere.  My family is kicking off the summer season with some camping and fishing, so I will start the Afghan series on Tuesday.

I will leave you with a few iPhone photos I took on my trip to Afghanistan, last fall.  If anyone else has questions about life over there, please leave them in the comments.

Have a fabulous weekend.

I’ll be thinking of the amazing soldiers we had the privileged of knowing and their families’ sacrifices while they served in Afghanistan.  Ramey, Joaquin, Steve and Kevin — thank you on behalf of our family and the Afghans you’ve helped.

houses on the hills of Kabul

glass maker in Herat

Herat glass (hand blown by the guy in the photo above)

Kids living in an orphanage. You can see their small rooms in the back ground and bare dirt yard.