“So, you lived in Afghanistan, huh?  What’s it like?”  I hear this question often, and last weekend I heard it about a half a dozen times, when Mr. Incredible and I met with different groups of young people, who themselves are eager to live and work in the hard places of the world.

City on a Hill — our home for a year, but now under Taliban control

It is such a huge question that I often don’t know how to start.  The person asking the question, usually doesn’t have a good idea of what they mean either.  So, I try to narrow it down.  Do they want to know about the danger, daily life, about the food or culture, or something else?  Sometimes, a person will blurt out, “why do they hate us?” or “Why would you do that — they want to kill us!” and then look sheepish.  It doesn’t surprise me though…most people will say that at some point in the conversation, but few start out that way.

Scary terrorists? No, community leaders getting recognized for their work in a community health education course.

I really love answering these questions and having good conversation about Afghanistan, Afghan people (especially Afghan women), the politics of the area, Islam, our reasons for going and our experiences there.

Sitting in a refugee family’s tent drinking tea while our team distributed some food, fuel and blankets. There was several feet of snow and it was well below zero.

So, I thought I’d open the blog up to your questions and answer them once a week, if there was an interest.  Any question is fair game, including, “why do they hate us” and “what the heck are you thinking, going back with the kids?”.

I really would love to tell some stories and share about this incredible place and people, so please, pretty please, leave a question or two in the comments.

Visiting a friend for Eid – e – Corban, the feast to celebrate God’s replacement sacrifice for Abraham’s son.