It’s been crazy busy around here, in these final weeks of school.  Understandably, the teachers want out of the classroom as much as possible, which means lots of remembering permission slips and car seats.  Or, not remembering and then having your son have to go to the animal shelter in a hot pink, floral car seat that Daddy dropped off, last minute.

Violet and Dash’s activities are coming to an end for the summer.  Violet was part of a great community art class, which gave her an outlet for her drawing and doodling, which is helpful, seeing that her math papers were coming home with lovely illustrations and not so many numbers.  Violet, why didn’t you answer the problem? “Because, see, we were suppose to add up the fruit, and I ran out of time cause I was drawing all the people at the picnic, who were eating the fruit.” Ahh, silly me for asking.

Violet and Grandpa at her art show

Dash has been doing gymnastics.  He broke his leg, badly, last spring, jumping off our kitchen stool.  He’s never been the daring sort of kid, but after that his confidence went to zero and he was very afraid of getting hurt again.  But he loves gymnastics, and has shown a lot of improvement in coordination, and in bravery but he still refuses to jump off of anything higher than a street curb.

However, he is a very fierce tiger

While the big kids are winding down for the summer, Jack Jack’s schedule is about to get crazy.  The therapy services offered at his local public preschool were rather anemic, and we’ve been seeing great improvement with his private speech therapist, so we’re going to hit it hard this summer with private occupational and physical therapy as well.  I’m going to try and go to as many of these sessions with Jack Jack, so I can learn with him and start to build a curriculum to use when we move to Afghanistan next year.

So, at the end of a crazy busy few weeks, we had a lovely Saturday morning hike with the kids.  Just took the jeep up into the hills and hiked around in the sage brush and juniper trees.  It was warm and quiet and we are looking forward to the summer when we can hike and climb in the higher mountain elevations.  We’d love it if you came along.