Fifteen years ago, home from college on Christmas break, my good friend from high school called me up and asked me to go see a movie we’d all been hearing about.

Of course I went.  Turned out to be a pretty cheesy, romantic movie, with nakedness.  Didn’t see that coming in a movie about a sinking ship.

Also, my little sister sat a couple rows behind us and threw popcorn at us.

Didn’t see it coming, that this movie would be the start of the rest of my life.

We’d been such good friends and suddenly there was this awkwardness, this shyness and somehow this movie turned into a first date.

Which turned into a first kiss, later that night.  We still argue about who kissed who first.

And now, 13 years of marriage, 3 kids, Afghanistan and back (and back again) later we went to see Titanic again, in the very same theater we went to as college kids.  Back full circle, living in the small town where we grew up and first met.

It was fun to reminisce about all that’s happened since we first saw this movie, all the places we’ve been, how much we’ve learned about each other.

And yes, we made out during the Celine Dion song and grossed out the high school kids near us.

Glad to be on this adventure with you Mr. Incredible.  Near, far, where ever you are.