There is a sign in town that says “Faux Spring” and you know it is true.  This in between season with one day of sun and one day of snow and lots of wind, is not my favorite.  But this weekend offered up a glorious, perfect day — the way spring should be, if it weren’t so temperamental and grouchy.

We threw the kids, the bikes and backpacks into the van and headed for Dominguez Canyon for a hike that didn’t require snow boots and coats.  This part of Colorado is amazing for the range of geography we have.  Most of the time you’ll find us in the alpine areas, but there are some wonderful desert canyons perfect for exploring when the snow drifts are deep at higher elevations.

Spanish explorers came through and named this area “colorear rojo”  or red colored dirt, which morphed into Colorado.  I guess Jack Jack is a real Coloradoean now, as this stuff is in his pores.   And his hair.  And his shoes.  And my washing machine.

The trail was a fairly easy walk, but Mr. Incredible is part mountain goat and when we stopped for a snack break he scaled up the boulders above us.

We made to the creek for lunch and the sun-warmed rocks toasted our toes so the kids stripped down and were splashing and playing in water, that very recently had been snow.

We talked about the glory of God’s creation and Mr. I showed the kids how the sandstone cliffs were always changing and reshaping.  “Isn’t it amazing” he said “that God didn’t just make things in the beginning and then turn away.  He’s constantly involved in the creative process.”

There was certainly complaining and even tears from tired children on the hike and bike ride back out, and Jack Jack is much heavier to carry in the pack then he was last year, but we all agreed it was the perfect way to celebrate the start of spring.