It’s been crazy mild weather for February in Colorado.  Temperatures in the 50s!  You know that means we’ll have a freezing cold April and snow on Mother’s Day, but hey, for now, we’ll take it!

Mr. Incredible and I took the kiddos for a rare, mid-winter day at the park.  We hadn’t been in several months and I was struck with how far Jack Jack has come with his development.  People ask me all the time how he’s doing and I always say, he’s doing great in some areas like speech and at preschool, but he struggles with gross motor skills.  And that is true, but I need to give lil man some more credit.  The gross motor skills come hard earned for him, but he never stops trying.

All last summer when I went to the park with my mom group I watched their little toddlers literally run circles around Jack Jack as he slowly climbed to the top of the slide and then just sat there.  Mostly he preferred to swing or play with the wood chips on the ground.  I tried hard not to be sad or jealous.  Some days, I just couldn’t take the obvious delays and we stayed home.

But he did learn to walk and because it was so much harder for him, it was that much more celebrated.

But now that he is walking there are new sets of challenges.

And he is mastering each of those faster then the last one.  He has discovered the joys of moving under his own power and there is no where he doesn’t want to try and go.

He will not listen to his mommy’s pleas to stay on the baby slide — he is ready for higher and faster things now.

And with a big sister there to hold his hand, a big brother to encourage his steps to go higher, he will go wherever his little legs and courageous heart will take him.