You all know how much Jack Jack is loved right?  By his family, our friends, our church community and random people at the grocery store.  When he was born a family came to the hospital who had a son with Down syndrome and they talked to us, prayed for us and called Early Intervention and Mile High Down Syndrome Association for us, and helped us navigate the scary beginnings of his life.  We didn’t even know them until that day.  Days were dark and difficult, but we were never alone.

Grandpa, from day one, has been Jack Jack's biggest fan. The feeling is mutual.

However.  That is not the story for children with Down syndrome in other parts of the world.  In far too many places, those children are born and the parents are alone, in a society that has no place whatsoever for an extra chromosome.  So these precious children are sent to orphanages at birth and when they should be in kindergarten, learning to read,  they are sent to adult mental institutions to be starved, neglected and die.

However.  There are families here in America who do whatever it takes to ransom (and yes, it is a ransom!) these orphans.  In our three year journey with Jack Jack, this is one thing I treasure the most — that I’m part of a community that rescues these children.  My favorite stories are Harper and Hallie and Katrina.  If you don’t follow their blogs, read their stories and you’ll be absolutely blown away.

Charlotte is one of these little ones.  Her mommy and daddy are moving heaven and earth to rescue her, before it’s too late and friends, it almost is.  They travel in just a few days and need help, prayers and financial.

My friend Patti Rice, has written a very moving blog about Charlotte and has asked those of us with a platform, however small, to spread the word and help bring Charlotte home.  Please, click here and read Patti’s blog and donate.  There are some amazing giveaways too, not that you need it to be generous, but an added incentive.

Please, join our family in being part of Charlotte’s rescue story.  Be Jesus’ hands and feet for this little one.