This morning I was carrying a load of laundry down stairs with the laptop balanced on the pile of clothes.  Our house is 115 years old and the stairs are wooden, narrow, steep and make a sharp turn at the top.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

My slip on shoes shot out from under me and down I went, bumpity, bump bump.  I saved the computer from being smashed, but my back, arm and elbow are a sore and bruised.

So, I find myself on the couch, with ice and my computer, a quite hour while Jack Jack naps, but no coherent thoughts to post.  But, I read Dave’s post today and I thought it was great.  So, I’m totally stealing the idea.  Thanks Dave, and congrats on the award!  Your voice for the disabled is powerful and I’m glad you get some well earned recognition.

Right now I’m thrilled that Egyptians are celebrating a year of revolution and new freedoms.  As a college student I tramped around Tahir Square and I have loved this country ever since.  My friend who lived in Cairo sent this picture — it shows how in the midst of their celebrations, Egyptians are remembering their Syrian brothers and sisters who are being crushed, mercilessly by their government.  The green and white flag is for Syria.  Rock on.

Right now I’m sad that Peppermint Mocha coffee cream was just a holiday thing and is gone now.  Sigh.

Right now I’m very aware of how fortunate we are that Jack Jack has never had major health concerns.  And, how fortunate I am to belong to such an amazing community, that is there for each other, when things are hard and scary.  Visit Miss Violet, by way of Pudge and Biggs and give her and her momma some virtual hugs and real prayers.  Hang in there, sweet girl.

Right now this is my favorite picture.  Go get ’em cowboy!

Right now I have nothing new to read.  Amazon is pressuring me into “The Hunger Games” and I’m seriously thinking about it.  I usually do what Amazon tells me to do.  They are crafty that way.

Right now Mr. Incredible is beating me at Words With Friends by 200 points.  He has no pity for an injured wife.

Right now I’m thinking of my garden.  My friend has an amazing business, Urban Homemakers (click on the link, you’ll love it too) and I clicked on the garden tab. Totally should not have done that.  I spent a half hour planning my garden in my head and then looked up and out the front window.

This is what my front yard will look like until April.  And at this altitude, there’s no planting until after Mothers’ Day.  But, it was fun and I’m going to try melons this year, I think.  What is your favorite thing to plant?

Right now my quite time is just about over and the big kids will be home soon!  I hope you have a great day!