Today is Dash’s fifth birthday!  I told my husband last night, it feels like we’ve had him longer than that. Haha.  Dash is a kid of extremes — often our most challenging child, but when he shines, he shines with a fierce brilliance and dazzles everyone around him.  So in honor of our newest five year old, here are five fun facts about Dash.

1)  We always planned on having home births.  It only happened one time out of three, but my dream did come true with Dash.  It was the most difficult of all my labors, but the best experience, and by far the best recovery.

Family together shortly after Dash's birth

2)  Dash went to Afghanistan when he was 4 months old.  He was so pale, compared to the Afghans, that I had many Afghan women come to me, very concerned for his health and insist that he need some sort of vitamins!  I’d push up my long sleeves and show them the underside of my arms and they would just shake their heads in amazement that anyone could be that white!

Dash and our good friend Whalli

3)  This kid runs on his stomach.  When he was a baby he would scream in rage when he heard the spoon scrape the bottom of the bowl.  When he learned to talk, as soon as breakfast was over he’d want to know what lunch would be.  And now, when Mr. Incredible goes on a trip, he can count on being interrogated over what kinds of food he’s eaten that day, and being told in great detail, exactly what the whole family had for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.  He’d make an excellent hobbit!

oh no! the food is gone!

4)  He was made for school.  I know that not every little boy should be sent to kindergarten at age four, but Dash thrives there.  He drinks in every experience, asks a hundred questions by breakfast, has learned to read almost effortlessly, and doesn’t hesitate to challenge you’ve got your facts wrong.  Our retirement plan is based on him winning “Jeopardy” as soon as he’s old enough to audition.

First day of kindergarten

5)  Dash wears his heart on his sleeve.  If he has a thought or a feeling, then everyone around him knows it!  He hugs and cries with the same all or nothing attitude.  Fortunately, the storm clouds pass quickly with him and in a few minutes we can go from full on melt down to laughing and teasing.

full of joy

Life with our middle child can be unpredictable.  He’s kept us on our toes, on our knees in prayer, and up late at night re-reading “The Strong-Willed Child”.  Life with Dash is a lot of fun.  He is always the one with suggestions for a family adventure or a new book to read.  He plays great on his own and moves comfortably between older sister’s games and letting Jack Jack in on the fun.

Black Canyon hike with Dad

We are indeed blessed.  Happy birthday little man!