Due to a shortage of both time and money, only a few Christmas cards and letters were mailed out this year.  But, I have so many Ds and FB friends that I wanted to send Christmas greetings to, that I thought a blog Christmas letter would be the next best thing.  So, here, by the magic of the interwebs is the Incredible’s Family Christmas Update.  Enjoy.

A Christmas tradition that my family has always done is to get a new ornament each year and if possible for that ornament to symbolize something important that happened in the year.  So, this year, our new family ornament was a globe!  This year has been one of lots and lots of traveling and we’ve loved it!

Last spring, Mr. Incredible and I were invited to go to Mexicali, Mexico as guest speakers for a large outreach program with First Covenant Church in Sacramento, CA.  This was a first for us – to partner with a church we didn’t know, and to go to Mexico, instead of the Muslim world.  What a great trip it was!  The church warmly welcomed us; we spoke about our passions for the Muslim world while people were actively ministering to a different culture and we saw and learned a new culture as well, which is one of our favorite things to do.

jeans hanging out to dry at a children's home we visited

hanging out with the little ones at Vacation Bible School

We spent the summer traveling as well, but to the mountains around our home.  We live in a beautiful place – a place many people will drive for days to come for vacation – and we wanted to take advantage of all the hiking and camping that was available to us, now that the kids are a little older and sleeping in a tent is fun, not terrifying.

camping in the San Juan mountains, just a short drive from home

hiking buddies

In August, I got to go (by myself!) to Fairbanks, AK, to spend two weeks with my sister and brand-new nephew, Kyle.  It was so much fun to spoil that precious baby, spend quality time with my sister, and to see some of that amazing state in the summer.  My favorite day was when we went to pick blueberries and the baby napped on the tundra while we kept a sharp eye out for bear and moose!

working on being the "favorite" auntie

The fall brought some big changes for all of us, but I felt it the most.  All three kids started school!  Violet and Dash are going to a small Christian school, where I went when I was young, and Jack Jack started preschool a couple mornings a week .    Mommy got over being sad and started to really enjoy the quite mornings she suddenly found herself with.

Dash and Violet both love school

such a big boy, sitting for circle time

September and October were crazy with two overseas trips, back to back.  Mr. Incredible left for India for two weeks and then I joined him for another 17 day trip to Afghanistan.  The trips were amazing and it was so good for me to be back in Afghanistan, after being away for three years.  There is a post, with pictures, here.  We have a lot to pray about, regarding our future there, and would appreciate your prayers for that too.  Violet, Dash and Jack Jack did very well staying with grandparents while we were away, and best of all, Jack Jack was walking when we came home!

rickshaw driver in Kolkota, India

Afghan school girl

We’re settled in now, for the Christmas season and very thankful to be able to spend it with our families.  We hope that you have a blessed Christmas too!