My baby big girl turned seven this week.  Seven?  How can the little 5 pound bundle that launched me into motherhood (six weeks earlier then I had planned, by the way) be a first grader, with permanent teeth and opinions about clothes?  Sorry my dear.  Sun dresses are not appropriate in Colorado, in November.  Even if there isn’t snow on the ground.

So, in honor of my newly minted seven year old, here are seven things about Violet:

1. Her due date was Christmas day.  She came before Thanksgiving.  I’m sure she heard the endless comments about how awful a Christmas birthday would be and came early enough to ensure her own special day.

brand new baby

2. Her name is Farsi means “shovels”.  It’s true.  We called  her Shovels for a while until the joke wore off and our Afghan friends gave her that name “Zakiyah.”

Dinner with our Afghan landlord, "Uncle Ghafor"

3. By her third birthday she had been in six countries: England, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Tajikistan and USA

with daddy in Bangkok, Thailand

4. She and her brothers are very close, but when Dash was a baby, she did want to know if we could leave him in Alaska, with Auntie.  Now she wants a new sister, and wanted us to be sure adopt one with Down syndrome.

Violet's first experience being a big sister

5. She has always loved her friends and had her first sleepover at age three.  When I explained to her that mommy couldn’t come for her in the night if she was scared (it was in Afghanistan and we had a curfew) and she had to stay all night with her friend, she looked around confidently and declared, “I’m going to need a pillow!”

Afghan friends

6. She loves Jesus!  She really does.  She has a tender heart for the things of the Lord and will often pray for the people of Afghanistan, for orphans and for Jack Jack when he’s learning a new skill.

these two adore each other


7.  This is all the hair she’s managed to grow in seven years. I keep meeting people who think we keep it short. Nope.  Never been cut.  It’s pretty awesome, even if it doesn’t grow.

1st day of 1st grade

Happy seventh birthday sweet girl.  We couldn’t be more proud of you!

They are letting us out with her. Great. Now what?