Did you know that last Sunday was Orphan Sunday?  I knew it was, because I have Jack Jack.  Before Jack Jack came into my life, I did not know that if a child is born with an extra chromosome is many parts of the world, then that child is abandoned to an orphanage.  Some are better than others, but many times, these precious children are left in cribs all day long, for years and years.  No stimulation, no education, and malnutrition are standard, to say nothing of no hope, kindness or love.

Don’t believe me?  Meet Katrina.

Katrina is nine years old and has spent her life, literally wasting away in a crib in Eastern Europe because she has Down syndrome.  You can read the start of her story here

You should follow Katrina’s story and pray for her as her mom and dad are leaving very soon to bring her home.  The task they are facing in rescuing this girl is enormous, but as her mom, Susanna said, “It’s nearly time to leave the ninety-and-nine safe ones and go to seek the lost one.”

I “met” Susanna and other moms of kids with Down syndrome on an online support community, and that is the first place I heard about Reece’s Rainbows.  RR matches families with orphans with special needs.  Their motto is, “Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down syndrome…”  Fairly different from what the world thinks!

My heart was shattered when I read some of these stories.  Our family decided to be a prayer warrior for one of the children listed on RR.  Because I could not stand to scroll through so many children who looked like my precious child, I asked the administrator to just pick one and send us the information.

We got Dexter.

I bawled and bawled when I saw his sweet face.  I wondered about his life.  It looks like he’s in a crib.  Does he ever get taken out?  For over a year our family has prayed faithfully that Dexter would be adopted.  Violet and Dash have especially taken him to heart and pray fervently and with great faith that he’ll find his mommy and daddy soon.

We don’t know very much about this boy.  We know he is in Russia and that he turned four in May.  Here is the worst – when children in these orphanages get older, around four or five, they are often sent from their “baby houses” to horrible, prison-like institutions, where most die within a year of arriving.   So I cried and cried some more last May and begged God to give Dexter more time.  Violet, who is at the age where birthdays are very important, prayed that Dexter would have a good birthday with enough to eat and some toys.

This month, I went to Reece’s Rainbow website to look at helping raise some money by sponsoring a child.

Grab This! 

I was surprised to see Dexter’s sweet face, so I clicked on his picture, not expecting anything.  Well, guess what?  He was transferred.  To a different orphanage.  There is only one short descriptive line under his photo, but it means everything to me.  It says that he likes to play with balls, bang on a xylophone and look at books.

I’m sure you know what I did next.  I bawled and bawled some more.  What an amazing answer to prayer! Dexter is still in a baby house, one with toys and books for him to play with.

So, here is where I ask you all to do something.  Click on this link and donate to Dexter’s fund.

Because, my friend, it takes a ransom to rescue these children, and often times a little start on the adoption fund will help a family move forward.  If you give $35 you’ll get a lovely ornament with his picture on it.

Do it for Dexter.  He has no one else to help him.

Do it for your love of Jack Jack (and I know you all read this because you love him).

if you donate, I'll give you a big hug!

Do it because the Bible says,

“learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression, bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”  Isaiah 1:17

Let’s be Jesus’ hands and feet for Dexter and join our family in praying that Dexter’s forever family will come for him.